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Attending a movie theatre in complete darkness immersed in an audio-visual experience is much different than watching a movie at home. In fact, collective spectatorship in film theory dates back to the 1970s and examines the how the physical space itself in addition to non-verbal communication among watchers influences emotional responses (Hanich, 2014). Only in recent years have proponents of ‘new cinema history’ started highlighting the social significance of watching films, but what they are missing are the lived experiences of movie watching as a collective, lived experience (Schwan, 2010).

With the rise of streaming services and lockdowns, movie theatres…

Through zines, women feel invited to intimately share their experiences

Popular women’s magazines often target coming-of-age demographics with sections dedicated to beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and dating advice. These magazines thrive because they serve as an entertaining, tangible way for consumers to explore topics and interests. However, rarely are these magazines criticized for their lack of social advocacy. Are they really benefiting women- or just a particular kind? Independent publications and zines on the other hand, continue to provide women with educational resources and feminist responses to pop culture. This has largely stemmed from the influence of the Riot Grrrl movement in the 1990s. The following article analyzes zine culture and…

More Rachel Sennott please.

Fair warning: this article contains spoilers.

It’s almost 2am and I just finished watching Shiva Baby! (2020). Let me just start off by saying this movie had me engaged the whole time, and holding my breath at so many moments. After reading other reviews on this film, it seems like the majority agree that this is the definition of a horror movie- but not in the traditional sense.

I found this hidden gem (no pun intended) at the top of the Letterboxd trending list. The film poster caught my eye immediately.

Shiva Baby! Film Poster

You can tell a lot about the vibe of a movie just by looking at…

Tips from a beginner

I’m cracking my knuckles, headphones in, ambient music blasting through them. Ready to type. I have never considered myself to be writer, but now that I understand how this role has manifested its way into my life, I have more respect for the title.

Once upon a time, I viewed creative writing solely as an expression and extension of my inner thoughts. It was an art form that allowed me to express how I was feeling without actually putting my emotions out there and being vulnerable. When I would feel I had no one to talk to about my problems…

A contemporary analysis of Hollywood’s beloved female characters that used dress as a symbol of change

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There is a way in which clothes, costumes, and dress are able to give power to the wearer or beholder and that there is more to dress than meets the eye. This concept, identified as ‘power-dressing’, holds the power to speak in high volumes without the need for words. It is a form of expression to the viewer that the subject has marked their position and owned their power as an individual. Power dressing was a term coined somewhere in between the 1970’s and 1980’s and is defined as a style of fashion that is usually used to establish power…

This independent New- York based designer is just getting started

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Nicole McLaughlin is known for her innovative designs and reinvention of streetwear- exploring upcycling and sustainable fashion. McLaughlin often transforms everyday objects such as office supplies or kitchen utensils into whimsical statement pieces. The designer grew up near the mountains of New Jersey and spent a lot of time outdoors as a kid- snowboarding and skiing as well as playing sports such as volleyball and lacrosse (Sultan, 2020). Her interest in sports manifests in the main theme of her pieces where iconic sportswear logos appear on pieces including bras made of Patagonia pouches, fuzzy shorts stitched from Carhartt beanies and…

Please stop romanticizing it.

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I recently saw this tweet:

So many people in this world have extremely high levels of talent and skill. Only of a fraction of them will have the right social network, financial backing, and pure luck to become “successful” by capitalist measurements. Rich people are not as unique as we think.

Not everyone is going to make it big. So if you want to be as rich and successful as Angelina Jolie- this might not be a fun read for you. In this article I explore themes in relation to Hustle Culture that I feel we don’t reflect upon enough…

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I have always thought of my independence as a strength, but in times of isolation it has brought me anxieties and feelings of depression, proving that I really don’t know myself as much as I thought I did.

2020 has felt like an episode of The Midnight Gospel. Our minds have propelled us onto a journey of self-exploration in what feels like the simulation of an alternate universe, yet our physical bodies remain here. …

There will be no mass-based feminist movement as long as feminist ideas are understood only by a well-educated few

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As bell hooks says, education as “the practice of freedom” will be a reality for women only when we develop an educational methodology that addresses the needs of all women (hooks 2014, 116). In this article I examine classroom culture through a western, feminist lens and detail a potential solution involving problem-based learning.

I would like to preface I recognize any notion of ‘shared oppressions’ as complex; women have multiple identities at different times and in different groups. …

Exploring hallucinogens is about exploring one’s inner mind

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Despite thousands of years of traditional Indigenous use and sufficient Western clinical research, there continues to be the criminalization of psilocybin mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms in most clinical settings. Arguably, this is due to the influence of America’s countercultural messaging of the 1960s which have shaped the way we classify, use and perceive entheogenic medicines.

In this article, I examine the tensions surrounding the war on drugs and the controversy of magic mushrooms in a communications perspective. First, I illustrate the crisis that occurs when a countercultural thought leader challenges the status quo. Second, I examine the influence…

Sophie Peralta

(She/Her) Somewhere in between life and dreaming I find time to write about pop culture, fashion, feminism and self-actualizations.

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