I was curious so I conducted a research study

Attending a movie theatre in complete darkness immersed in an audio-visual experience is much different than watching a movie at home. In fact, collective spectatorship in film theory dates back to the 1970s and examines the how the physical space itself in addition to non-verbal communication among watchers influences emotional…

Through zines, women feel invited to intimately share their experiences

Popular women’s magazines often target coming-of-age demographics with sections dedicated to beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and dating advice. These magazines thrive because they serve as an entertaining, tangible way for consumers to explore topics and interests. However, rarely are these magazines criticized for their lack of social advocacy. Are they really…

A contemporary analysis of Hollywood’s beloved female characters that used dress as a symbol of change

There is a way in which clothes, costumes, and dress are able to give power to the wearer or beholder and that there is more to dress than meets the eye. This concept, identified as ‘power-dressing’, holds the power to speak in high volumes without the need for words. It…

This independent New- York based designer is just getting started


Nicole McLaughlin is known for her innovative designs and reinvention of streetwear- exploring upcycling and sustainable fashion. McLaughlin often transforms everyday objects such as office supplies or kitchen utensils into whimsical statement pieces. The designer grew up near the mountains of New Jersey and spent a lot of time outdoors…

Sophie Peralta

(She/Her) Somewhere in between life and dreaming I find time to write about pop culture, fashion, feminism and self-actualizations.

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